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Balsam Peru Essential Oil

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Balsam fir (Abies balsamea) essential oil has a scent that is fresh, clean, green, balsamic, coniferous, and sweet. The middle-note scent has an odor intensity of about two out of five. Blending companions include lavender, rosemary, frankincense, cedar, and citrus. Balsam oil is effective for respiratory, circulatory, urinary, and adrenal ; the oil also exhibits antiseptic and stimulant properties. For emotional usage, balsam fir oil is refreshing and mood elevating, and it increases intuition while fostering contentment and love. The essential oil distilled from the needles is superior to that of the sap, also known as turpentine. The oil is similar in fragrance to pine and spruce oils. There will be slight fragrance fluctuations among the many varieties and species within those genera, including Abies, Larix, Picea, Pinus, and Tsuga.

General Information
*Note: Bianca Rosa® Peru Balsam Pure Essential Oil is not to be taken internally.

Tolu Balsam Tree
Myroxylon balsamum (L.) Harms.

Family: Fabaceae.

Other Names: Baumier de Tolu (French); Tolubalsambaum (German); balsamo del Tolù (Italian).

Description: This is a tall, evergreen tree (up to 19 m) with compound, hairy, gland-dotted leaves, white flowers and pale brown seed pods. M. balsamum var. balsamum (= M. toluiferum) is the source of Tolu balsam and M. balsamum var. pereirae, the source of Peruvian balsam.

Origin: South and Central America. Tolu balsam comes from the town of Tolu in Columbia; Peruvian balsam comes mainly from San Salvador but also Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico (not from Peru!).

Parts Used: The oleoresin (Tolu balsam - Balsamum tolutanum), which oozes out of damaged bark; Peruvian balsam is an aromatic, dark brown oily liquid obtained from smoked trees.

Therapeutic Category: Antiseptic, expectorant, wound-support.

Uses and Properties: Tolu balsam is mainly included in cough and throat syrups. It is antiseptic, expectorant, and stimulating, and has a pleasant taste. It is an ingredient of friar's balsam, a traditional inhalant to support catarrh and colds. Peruvian balsam is rarely taken orally but is used mainly in ointments and preparations to support slow healing wounds, burns, skin irritations, frost bite, haemorrhoids and bruises caused by protheses.

Preparation and Dosage: An average daily dose of 0.6 g of Tolu balsam is recommended, while topical skin preparations of Peruvian balsam may contain up to 20% of the product.

Active Ingredients: Balsams are defined as oleoresins that contain benzoic acid, cinnamic acid and their esters. Tolu balsam con benzoic acid (up to 20%), cinnamic acid (10-15%) and benzyl benzoate, together with resin, volatile oil, phenylpropanoids (including eugenol and traces of vanillin). Peruvian balsam contains about 45-70% benzyl benzoate and benzyl cinnamate, known collectively as cinnamein, together with several other esters and alcohols of benzoic and cinnamic acid. Other ingredients include alpha-nerolidol, beta-nerolidol and small amounts of vanillin.

Pharmacological Effects: Benzoic acid and derivatives are strongly disinfectant. The utilisation of Tolu balsam as an antiseptic and mild expectorant can therefore be plausibly explained. Peruvian balsam promotes wound-healing by stimulating the granulation process. Benzyl benzoate works against bloating.

Status: Traditional medicine; Pharm.; Comm. E+.

Botanical Name: Myroxylon pereira

Extraction Method: vaccuum distilled

Plant: crude balsam

Origin: Central USA
Essential Oils by Bianca Rosa are 100% Pure Natural Essences derived from the highest quality fruits, flowers, leaves, spices, herbs and roots. Our essential oil distillers and growers are located around the world, operating ethically, organically and chemical-free.

Bianca Rosa Essential Oils Are Not Tested On Animals.

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